Ubuntu released for HTC HD2


If you have been looking forward to a Ubuntu port for HTC HD2, well you got it now. Just moments ago HTC_Linux tweeted the link to the very first release of Ubuntu port on the HD2. The ported version has been seen quite often from sites not just our own, and now you can try it out on your own. The file is quite large, around 655MB and so the file takes a long time to download.
Ubuntu ‘Karmic Koala’ for HTC HD2 version 0.1

Needs Storage Card with at least 2GB free space. Recommended is a fast Storage Card (Class 4 is ok)
This is intended to be used as a netbook/desktop type setup with keyboard and mouse connected via USB. Check this site for information on how to do this.

Be sure to read included README.txt for install instructions, features and developer information.
Quick instructions: Put the ubuntu directory into the main/root directory of your Storage Card and tap HaRET executable.

Size: 635M
md5sum: 327a4b2c17e14dd5649964fe18f837e9

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