Ubuntu for HTC HD2 v0.3 released

Ubuntu is a full Linux desktop distribution – and it’s not designed for smartphones. But with the large touchscreen, high display resolution and fast system speed of the HTC HD2, Ubuntu is easily available to HD2 end all users!


Extract the linux folder to the main directory(!) of your Storage Card.
If the linux folder is not located in the main directory of the Card,it will not work.
Note: This will not touch your phone’s internal memory. Windows Mobile or other Linux/Android builds remain unchanged.


Save all your current work and start the HaRET exectuable to boot Linux.
Watch the system boot up fully until you see a graphical desktop interface.
It is useful to set the CPU speed up for better performance. Tap the CPU speed meter in the mid of top bar.
Use shutdown icon in the home menu to bring the system down savely.



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