Twitter guide for Windows Mobile from Microsoft

So how do you tap into Twitter using your Windows Mobile smartphone? There are a few ways. First, you’ll need a Twitter account. Once you have registered one and have selected a few people or organizations to follow, you can open up Internet Explorer Mobile and browse to—this is the mobile Twitter site. After logging in, you’ll see a list of recent Twitter activity. You can read updates or post your own updates (called “tweets”) from this simple and fast interface. And, if you really like using Twitter, you can set it as your home page so it loads whenever you start the browser. In Internet Explorer Mobile, just click Menu > Tools Options > Use Current.

Looking for something a bit fancier? Then check out PockeTwit, a free Windows Mobile Twitter application that has a really nice user interface and several cool features. In addition to the large, high-quality avatars in PockeTwit, you can post to Twitter using a URL you want to share, a picture you have stored on your smartphone, or a picture you just snapped with the camera, and you can even insert a GPS link showing your location. PockeTwit is also very finger-friendly—you can sweep your finger up and down across the screen to move to older or newer tweets, search, reply to posted tweets, quote tweets, or stop following someone on Twitter. It does take 10+ seconds to start up though, so it’s the kind of thing you’ll start up and leave running on your smartphone.

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