Touch InCall screen tweak for HTC Touch Pro

What does it do?
The purpose of the application is to switch on your screen during a call if you don’t have it against your ear. This is useful if you need to enter digits for voicemail or telephone banking, etc. The screen will be switched off if the phone is against your ear (since v1.0.10 this will include as you a making a call, as well as during the call). From v1.0.11 if you put the phone face down, it will switch off the screen, and turn on the Speakerphone.

How does it work?
The application, once installed, doesn’t actually run until you make or receive a call, so it won’t impact normal performance of the phone. When you are in a call, the application runs, and monitors the orientation of the phone, and will switch the screen on if the phone has been in your hand for around half a second or so. If you put the screen against your ear, the screen will go off again. You can repeat this cycle as many times as you like.

So it doesn’t use the light sensor then?
From v1.0.6 it DOES use the light sense to detect if it is against your ear. This is really a double check to back up the orientation. It doesn’t use it to determine if it’s away from your ear because the sensor doesn’t seem to work when the screen is off, so it’s of no use for switching the screen back on.

Will it work with my Phone?
This app is only compatible with HTC phones. It is developed and tested on a HTC Touch Pro, but should function on Touch Diamond and Touch HD models, although it looks as though non-TP models don’t use their light sensors during a call, so Diamond and HD owners might want to disable the use of the sensor using the config app. It is not compatible with Samsung phones, including the Omnia i900.

You can install the application from the attached cab file. You need to soft reset after installation for the application to work.


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