Toshiba G810 WM6.5 custom ROM build 28205 WWE

-SYS XIP WM6.5.3 28205
-Office 2010 from 23518
-Dynamic Pagepool
-Remove only unneccesary modules like autoupdate and bug reports.
-Chinese character display locale supported.

– Video call wouldn’t end properly, it’s 28205 build specific issue, will be fixed in the next release.
– As described below.

How To Flash:
– unzip Flashtool and flash.bin in C:/Windows/Temp/ (note there are hidden files, it’s better unzipped directly there)
– hold record button then boot your device.
– The engineering menu will show up, choose 9 to enter DSUU Mode
– Connect your device to PC (the screen should show “USB Initialization done”)
– Run Device Software Update Utility.exe
– Have some patience, it just take few minutes.
* If you flash under Windows 7, set Device Software Update Utility.exe to Vista SP2 Compatible Mode. However, it sometimes doesn’t work for me, so I still suggest to flash under Windows XP.
* Some people suggest to do a hard reset (Master Clean) after flashed. I don’t know the differences, but you could do that if it makes you comfortable.

Tested Functions:
– A2DP Bluetooth earphone (Muse 802)
– Camera works, video recording works
– Video call works
– Autoconfig works
– Alarms works
– Wifi works
– SMS works
– GPS works
– GPS Accelerator works
– Sync with Windows Mobil Center ok.



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