Top must have accessories for the HTC Wildfire

The HTC Wildfire is the baby brother to the HTC Desire. Visually they look quite similar, but when you look a little closer you’ll spot a few key differences. The Wildfire has a slightly smaller, lower resolution screen, that doesn’t drain your battery so quickly, touch sensitive controls and is generally smaller and lighter.

You get a few Wildfire Accessories in the box to start you off, but if you really want to make the most of the phone, there are a number of accessories that are well worth investing in.

1. HTC Wildfire Screen Protector

If you’re only going to invest in one accessory for your Wildfire then it really needs to be a screen protector. The screen on your phone is the most vulnerable part of the handset, damage it and it could render your phone useless. This screen protector is made by HTC specifically for the Wildfire and is a perfect fit. It doesn’t interfere with the touch sensitive controls at the bottom of the screen or the earpiece at the top of the display.

HTC Wildfire Screen Protector SP P380 – Twin Pack

HTC Wildfire Screen Protector SP P380 - Twin Pack

2. HTC PO S530 Carry Pouch

Another accessory from HTC that’s made specifically for the Wildfire is the PO S530 Carry Pouch. What makes this one stand out is the built in pull strap. When your phone is in the case the strap tucks in and prevents your phone from falling out, but when you want to remove your phone, just give the strap a gentle tug and it will raise your phone from the case quickly and effortlessly. The case is made from a high quality leather and has a soft interior that helps keep the screen clean and prevent scratches.

HTC Wildfire Pouch – PO S530

HTC Wildfire Pouch - PO S530

3. HTC CC C200 Car Charger

Ask any smartphone owner about their battery life and you’ll be met with a pretty negative response. Even though the battery in the Wildfire out performs that of the HTC Desire, it’s still going to drain quickly as soon as you start using your phone in the car with any GPS apps  – Sat Nav in particular.

HTC Wildfire Car Charger

HTC Wildfire Car Charger

The HTC CC200 is a genuine HTC accessory that will keep your Wildfire charged in the car. Unlike some cheaper car chargers, the CC200 is powerful enough to charge the phone even when it’s being used for GPS.

4. Sandisk 16GB Memory Card

The 3.5″ screen on the Wildfire is great for looking at photo’s, watching movies and playing games, but the limited internal memory means that you’re not going to be able to store much on the phone without replacing the memory card. The HTC Wildfire supports memory cards of up to 32GB in size, but considering the processing power of the phone I’d suggest sticking to 16GB for now.

SanDisk MicroSDHC Card – 16GB

SanDisk MicroSDHC Card - 16GB

5. Sony Ericsson MW600 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

You might think it strange to see a Sony Ericsson headset in a list of accessories for a HTC phone, but the truth is this is one of the best bluetooth headsets available at the moment. It’s incredibly compact and is designed to be either hung around your neck or clipped on to your clothing.

Sony Ericsson MW600 Stereo Headset with Radio

Sony Ericsson MW600 Stereo Headset with Radio

The main body of the headset packs a lot in to a small space. It’s a multipoint headset that allows you to use it with a phone and a music device at the same time. It has a 3.5mm headphone jack so that you can use any standard 3.5mm headphones with it. What really makes it stand out though is the built in FM Radio.  Smart phone users have been crying out for an FM radio to be added to the phones, but the manufacturers seem to be ignoring their requests.


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