Top 5 free games for iPad

In the iTunes App Store you can find many games, but most of them are paid. We have some of the best free iPad games with great graphics, sound effects and challenging levels.

Whether you have time to kill or want to have fun with friends, these five free games for the iPad deserves to be tested. Enjoy!

1. NinJump HD

NinJump HD is one of those addictive games, which will be constantly trying to improve your score. Impressive graphics and sound effects will make you think you paid for this pleasure. If you are addicted so much that you do not want to stop for $ 1.99, you can get two additional levels. The game objective is to climb a building while trying to avoid obstacles that you pop all the time. For this purpose you can use your sword. If you fail, however, will fail down.

2. Spades HD

Spades HD is the ideal application for all fans of card games.
3. Cliffed: Norm’s World XL

The free version of the game is limited to one character, one place and one speed, however, it does not bother you because your entertainment is guaranteed, however. The objective is to protect Norm will not fall off the scale, overcoming various obstacles. You can even play with friends online. Paid version has its advantages, but generally very difficult to win.

4. Escape – Norm’s World XL

If you like strategy games, it’s yours. It will keep you entertained for hours with its 33 stages with two levels of difficulty. The objective is to remove all the circles on the screen.

5. Air Hockey Gold

This is perhaps the most popular genre in games, but the display of the iPad is much more fun. There are 6 levels of the game, and if you want to become really difficult to play with two checkers.

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