Top 5 Applications for iPhone

The best iPhone apps


A number of iPhone users always like to know about free iPhone applications so for them I composed an article about top 5 free applications. Though these applications are free of cost but they are quite meaningful for the iPhone users. So continue reading and explore more.

Number 1; Skype

Do you want to make free voice and video calls? If yes,then without any doubt, Skype is the best option for you. You can get this application from the official website of Skype. The main purpose of this application is to keep you connected with your buddies and family. Nevertheless, many businessmen are using Skype application for initiating an official meeting. A person can easily make call from Skype to Landline and cell phone numbers (national and international) nonetheless he has to buy a credit before proceeding.

Number 2: Google Voice

You do not need to spend a single penny on making call from the Google Voice. This application is somewhat similar with Skype however latter is more convenient than former. You can go for instant messaging, voice call and many other options through this iPhone application.

Number 3: Lose it

This is indeed an amazing application which is perfectly suitable for those who want to keep their weight under control or who want to lose the weight. You can keep the record of your daily intake of fiber, protein, sugar, crabs, etc through it. It comes with a large database of food; every food comes with calories intimation. You can design your daily diet plan by taking help from Lose it.

Number 4: McAfee Mobile Security

They say it covers a variety of devices, both iPhone and Android, and both mobile devices and tablets. According to the McAfee they reduce risks from virus infections, spyware and malware, corporate data breaches and personal data loss. I couldn’t find a price, you have to go find yourself a Reseller, so it might be that it’s more suitable for corporate entities. Though, I found out more info at Smartphone 911 (they cover iPhone and Android Antivirus topics) so you can check there for more info.

Number 5: AppMiner

You often have to mine in the App Store for getting an idea about the paid and free application so I suggest you to download AppMiner. The reason is that it will make your search process more comfortable than before. You are able to collect the information of different kinds of applications with a few clicks.

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