Three smartphones for technophobes

In this day and age being a technophobe can seem like a daunting thing to overcome. An aversion to changing and newer technology, whatever the reasoning behind it, can seem almost insurmountable with today’s every-improving and high-tech gadgets. Phones are no exception. To a technophobe the idea of a smartphone could create serious concern or confusion. Touch screens, data plans and apps can seem like frightening concepts. However there are a few smartphones on the market that are immediately accessiblefor a technophobe.

Apple iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S

Apple iPhone 4S

The newest iteration of Apple’s ubiquitous iPhone may seem like the opposite of the type of smartphone a technophobe would want to attempt use of. However at its simplest the iPhone is quite accessible. It provides basic features that aren’t hard to find on the phone, even for someone trying to avoid complexity. The interface of the iPhone features brightly colored, clearly labeled icons for making calls, checking email, viewing contacts and more. The plan required for an iPhone bundles everything into one with no confusion signing up. Plus the iPhone’s is able to easily sync with whatever information it needs with limited input from the user. A technophobe can have the iPhone up and running with only a basic understanding or desire to learn about smartphones as a whole.

HTC Sensation smartphone
HTC Sensation

HTC Senseation

The Sensation by HTC is a smartphone based on the Android platform. For the most part Android phones are best avoided by technophobes. Unlike the iPhone they feature a more open-ended and user-intensive platform that can seem daunting. But the Sensation separates itself by incorporating several normally complex features in a user-friendly and beginner-level way. Things like a flashlight app, Facebook integration and email syncing are standard and already set up. The HTC Sense is the entry-level Android choice for a technophobe.

Nokia N8
Nokia N8

Nokia N8

Nokia is a bit of a low-key name in the smartphone business, but their N8 smartphone is a great option for a technophobe new to the market. It’s based on Nokia’s own smartphone platform which features colorful and well-labeled icons and menus, many of which look familiar to users of older phones who have been loathe to adapt to smartphones. Media and camera features are full-fleshed and easy accessed from the main screen as well, and since it’s a Nokia the phone is not tied to one specific carrier. This makes it easier for a new user to get the phone set up with limited hassle.

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