The Windows Phone 8 interface already available for iPhone

If you are the owner of an iPhone with an unlocked file system, but you’re also a fan of the Windows Phone 8 interface and you can’t wait to try it out, we have some good news for you – there is an easy way to do so on your current smartphone. What you need to do is use the Metroon theme for Dreamboard, which is available for both iPhone’s and iPod’s (given that they’re unlocked) and will make your device looks as close to a Windows Phone 8 one, as possible.

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8

The theme even includes the Metro style lockscreen, which gives you access to the music player, messages, missed calls and future appointments. The homescreen is also an imitation of the one in Microsoft’s mobile platform – with the famous tile interface, which gives you access to different applications and services. The standard iOS applications are launched from either the homescreen or the menu, which appears with a swype to the right. Overall the attention to detail is incredible with this theme and we think it’s worth the $1,50 – its price in Cydia. B. A.


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