The US Accounts for 40% of the Smartphone Sales Worldwide

iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S


North and Western Europe were the leading markets in the mobile communications department, but it seems the US have pulled ahead, thanks to the increasing popularity of smartphones and mainly the iPhone. Currently just 5% of the world’s mobile users are located in the US, but 17% of the income from mobile services and 21% of the that from the data traffic services are realized by US operators.

The number are even higher for smartphone sells – 40% of the smartphones sold worldwide are sold in the US. Overall this market is growing with a staggering speed. The US network operators have made $67 billion from data traffic last year and expectations are for this number to reach $80 billion this year. The amount of data used has doubled over the past 12 months too, for the eight time in a row and analyzers are expecting it to double once more in 2012 – quite a realistic forecast, considering the fact, that over 30% of the US users use more than 1GB of data per month. B. A.

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