The official launch of Nokia Ovi Suite Version v3.0.0.248

It’s time to say good bye to the beta versions of Nokia ovi suite as Nokia has launched the final version of Ovi Suite v3.0.0.248. Nokia Ovi suite final version is now ready to download for the Nokia users. The suite can be upgraded right from the Ovi suite updater. The final version comes with lots of new graphics and features which makes it easier and faster than ever. The home screen has got a lot of animations and graphics to attract its users.

Nokia Ovi Suite v3.0.0.248 appeared on the very new year 2011 leaving back all the beta versions with the old year 2010. The suite size is 74Mb which can be upgraded with just a single click on the software updater which is present on the toolbar of the old beta Nokia Ovi suite. The update is easy and will take time depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

The suite was running in the beta version for few months and the Nokia guys seem to have done a great job this time by releasing a long list of new features like faster and smoother transfer rates. There are many other developments in this versions which will list out at the end.

Out of all the major changes done to Ovi suite, the best new feature which attracts the most is the quicker access to shared content. There is now a feature which gives a quicker access to all the contents which are shared. There is also new icon driven interface which helps users to pick app from recommended apps which also includes Ovi music albums. You can just tap on your favorite artists to get the stuff down to your device.

Irrespective of the size of the new Nokia Ovi Suite v3.0.0.284 being 74M, we found no problems while downloading and installations. Installations took place quickly and without any interference. After the successful installation, one has to re-boot the PC and the suite will be up and ready to use. The new suite is cleaner and easy to use than the previous beta versions.

Some of the improvements are as follows:

The new home-screen view which included the following:

1.      Quick access to synchronization and shared contents.

2.      Recommended music from Ovi music store.

3.      Recommended games and other apps from the Ovi store.

4.      Smarter way to get connectivity with Internet in the absence of WLAN.

5.      Quick notifications to update softwares, etc.

Other improvements includes:

1.      Maps viewing has got some new changes like performance and single item delete in the phone.

2.      Improved synchronizations and stability in the new Nokia Ovi suite.

3.      Faster and pain free installations.

There are some other improvements to Ovi music store too. Some of them are:

1.      Find and download favorite music from the library of millions of music.

2.      Complete playback controls.

3.      Drag and drop support to and from phone.

4.      Separate media player is not required.

5.      Unlimited support for Ovi music.

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