The Nokia 808 PureView offers a 41MP camera

Nokia 808 camera phone
Nokia 808


The first day of the Mobile World Congress was both interesting and surprising just like Nokia’s new smartphone – the 808 PureView, the successor of the N8, which is a really revolutionary device, despite its OS, which Nokia pronounced dead one year ago. The Nokia 808 is the new king of the cameraphones with its 41MP sensor. The raw pixel count is not the only impressive thing, though – the camera sensor of the 808 is 1/1.2″ – 2.5 times bigger that that of the N8 and its Xenon flash – 2 times more powerful. The camera’s software is also just as impressive – it allows for the details from 7 pixels to be compressed into 1, which means you can shoot 5MP or 8MP stills, which are going to be small in size, yet very clear and detailed. The big resolution also comes in handy with videos, because it allows for 4x zooming without losing any details or quality (for 1080p HD video, 6x for 720p).

Nokia 808 PureView
Nokia 808 PureView


The rest of the 808’s specifications are hardly as interesting with its single-core 1.3 gHz processor , 512MB of RAM and 4″ 360×640 display, but than again Symbian is optimized well enough to run smooth on such hardware. The PureView is expected to hit the market this May for €450 ($600). B. A.

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