The HTC Sensation XE


Shortly after HTC’s first device working with Beats [the HTC Runnymede] was announced,a second one followed. It’s called the Sensation XE and as the name suggests it’s the successor of the Sensation. As you can see from the photos,it also has Beats’ logo on the back, which means that it has both hardware and software features that improve sound quality and it also comes with special Beats in-ear headphones/handsfree with a mic and control-buttons.


Other improvements compared to the Sensation are the processor, which is the same, but clocked at 1.5 gHz and in order to keep battery-life the same, the battery’ capacity has gone up to 1700 mAh. And to top it all off the phones now comes in a great red/black design and looks simply stunning.

Sadly there are some drawback,the main one being that fact that the RAM is still 768, whereas a lot of competitors have 1GB. The other thing is that the display resolution hasn’t gone up to 720p, but you won’t notice that if you don’t compare your phone’s display to say the iPhone 4 or the HTC Vigor. Overall it’s not a bad device’s and we’re glad it’s going to come in stores in just a couple of weeks. B.A.

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