The Galaxy Nexus once again available in the US

Galaxy Nexus

The Galaxy Nexus once again available in the US


You might have read in the past few days about the dispute between Apple and Google, which lead to the ban of the Galaxy Nexus from the company’s own online store last week. Still, though, Google had promised, that the device would become available once again very soon and they have most certainly kept their promise – the Samsung-made superphone is once again available in the US, after Google and Samsung managed to (at least temporarily) settle the issues, which caused the ban in the first place.

This means, that the American users, who want to buy the Galaxy Nexus are already able to order one, though they are going to have to wait a week or two for shipping. This exact device is actually very important for Google as a software company, because it’s the only superphone running a pure version of their mobile platform – Android. In fact, the Nexus is even going to receive an update to the most recent version of it – 4.1 – in just a matter of days. B. A.

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