Specifications on the new HTC Devices – Photon, Legend, Trophy and More

We’re still quite excited by the leak of HTC devices that showed up on XDA last week, even though it was lean on Windows Phones (we suspect that HTC has some Windows Mobile 7 stuff coming out later in 2010 that they’ve got under tight wraps). If you’re looking for a neat and tidy look at all of the new HTC phones and the rumored specifications, our partner site PDAdb.net has added all of the devices to the database. Check out the links below:

HTC Bravo (Android)
HTC Buzz (Android)
HTC Legend (Android)
HTC Rome (Android)
HTC Salsa (Android)
HTC Tide (Android)
HTC Photon (Windows Mobile)
HTC Tera (Windows Mobile)
HTC Trophy (Windows Mobile)

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