SpareOne Emergency Phone

SpareOne emergency phone
SpareOne Emergency Phone


SpareOne Emergency Phone – this handset really could save your life.  Running off a single AA Battery which lasts 15 years, the SpareOne is great for use in emergencies – simply keep it in your glove box, bag, by the side of your bed or take it on holiday with you.

The handset has a dedicated emergency button should you ever get in trouble and stores 9 numbers on it. Even better you can put your sim card in the SpareOne and it’ll reply to an texts you receive telling the person to call you.  This phone is so clever, yet so simple!

Some tech specs:

  • 10 Hours Talktime powered by a single AA battery
  • Dedicated emergency services button
  • Nine programmable speed dial buttons
  • Built-in LED torch
  • Supports 90% worldwide coverage

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