Sony’s smart accessories for Android

Along with the Xperia S, Sony announced three new accessories for Android phones. The first is called the Xperia SmartTag and as the name suggests, it’s a little sticker, which you stick wherever you want and when you push your phone against it – it changes its profile accordingly. For instance you could set the SmartTag in your car to activate your phone’s navigation mode. Your device must however have NFC in order to use this accessory.

Another interesting device is the Smart Wireless Headset pro, which normally acts as a Bluetooth stereo headset, which also informs you of your messages, calendar notifications and so on, but when it isn’t connected to your phone can also be used as a stand-alone MP3 player with FM radio.

Sony’s third and final new accessory is the SmartWatch, which is the successor of the LiveView and can be used for various things, such as reading text messages, receiving social network updates, controlling music and conversations and many more. You can also download certain apps from the market in order to customize it for your needs. B. A.


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