Sharp working on a new UI

Sharp Feel UI

Sharp Feel UI


Most of the big Android smartphone manufacturers decide (sooner or later) to differentiate from the other brands by putting their own piece of software, known as UI, on top of Google’ platform and Sharp are no different. Well perhaps they’re a little different – instead of developing an interface on their own, the company has decided to seek help from a design company known as frog. The result is Feel – an interesting and most importantly instinctive user interface, which also seems to be quite practical. Starting with the lockscreen, the company has added an additional screen, from which one can access some of the information stored on the device – the photos, for instance.

After the device is unlocked, the user is greeted by completely different main screen, which consist mostly of installed applications. Similarly to the Nokia N9, though, user can also access two side screens, on which they can position their favorite contacts or the most useful widgets for them. All in all, this seems like a great UI, but it remains to be seen whether such a serious software modification is going to run smooth on the company’s devices or if it’s going to slow them down. B. A.

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