Searchme visual search engine coming to Windows Mobile

Searchme – iPhone demo video

Searchme is a new search engine which speeds searching by showing previews of the relevant web pages related to your search query without having to click through to them. This makes searching the web considerably faster than in your web browser. Results are presented as a series of pages that you can quickly flip through. Once you find what you’re looking you can elect to expand the preview or directly open the site in your phone’s browser.

Searchme’s patent pending “category suggest” technology understands your query and suggests appropriate categories as you type, allowing you to directly focus on only the results you want.

Key Features

  • Access Searchme from your Windows Mobile phone
  • Supports native touchscreen interface as well as keyboard and pointing devices
  • Streamline your searches with the category suggestions
  • Ability to see what each site looks like before opening a browser
  • Save time by reviewing site previews

Searchme is available in beta for all phones running Windows Mobile 6 Professional.

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