Screenshots of Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8


About a week before the event, at which Microsoft is expected to reveal more information about Windows Phone 8, picture have leaked online, showing some screenshots of the platform. As expected, the new version of the OS is going to include further Skype integration and a new camera interface, which looks even simpler than the current one – according to the rumors, manufacturers are going to be left free to change it according to their needs (for instance Nokia could include quite a lot of options for the camera app, with the release of their first Lumia PureView devices).

The images also suggest, that a feature is going to be included, enabling users to follow their monthly data traffic. Nokia Drive 3.0 appears to be showing detailed information about the traffic along your chosen root and, of course, the speed limits (already supported in its current version). The Skype integration is also going to allow users to make Skype-calls directly from their contacts list and to also take in video calls as such or simply as voice calls. Of course, non of this information has yet been confirmed, so you could remain more or less skeptical, but either way, we’re going to find out for sure by the end of the month. B. A.

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