Samsung TV remote control app for WP7 Mango

wp7-remote-control wp7-remote

One of the first good apps for Windows Phone Mango!

The app requires you to be on the same network as the TV (Wi-Fi or wired via USB) because it uses a UDP Multicast socket to find the TV, receives the response(s) via UDP Unicast, then initiates a direct TCP connection to whichever TV you choose.

– Make sure the TV is on – the remote cannot turn on the TV because it has to talk to a server that the TV only runs when it’s on.
– If it fails to find the TV within 5 seconds, restart the app.
– If the TV is in its “Smart Hub” program, it may not work.

This is very much an alpha version of the remote app, and works with D-series Samsung TV’s.

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