Samsung Galaxy S Ultimate ROM v3.0

This is one of the fastest Android ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S (added K10 kernel, based on XFJP7), enable all tweaks and choose a lagfix in recovery to feel how fast is.

To use lagfix, go in clockwork and in ulk feautures, choose the lagfix you want,  recommended – EXT 4 and enable all kernel tweaks. To get the wallpaper in screenshots, at home, long press, choose wallpaper then wallpaper gallery then first wallpaper.

What’s inside:

Everything working – 4 lockscreens (puzzle, glass, stock and epic), Stock AOSP clone (theme collection at the bottom), stock apps ( except phone.apk, screw samsung, when you try to use stock phone.apk, the phone crashes XD), Modified framework, Custom boot animation, Super speedy, K9 Kernel, Themed Swype, Extended power menu mod, 3rd party headphones work, deodexed, zipaligned, Removed samsung bloatware, 2 Calculators (Stock AOSP and Samsung), Root + Busybox, Voodoo Sharpness fix, Clockwork Lagfix edition, Based on the latest and official BUJP5/JP8, CM wallpapers, Modded nexus live wallpaper, AOSP wallpapers, Custom animations, Market fix.

How to install this ROM:

  • You need clockwork recovery.
  • Place rom in SD card
  • Boot into clockwork
  • Apply sd card
  • Locate the file
  • Click yes
  • Let it do magic
  • When done, reboot
  • It will take max 15 min, dont panic if boot animation doesnt come up.
  • If you get stuck at splash screen, reflash and it should work, issue with k9 kernel


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