Samsung ahead of Apple for yet another quarter

Samsung Galay Note
Samsung Galay Note


Canaccord Genuity have already released their estimates about the smartphone market for Q1 of 2012 and the overall results are looking quite familiar. According to the agency, Samsung are still in the lead with a market share of 28.2% (with 41 million devices sold) and Apple are holding the second place with a 22.4% market share (32,6 million iPhone sales). The agency also says, that this tendency is going to be present for the rest of the year and Samsung’s share is going to keep increasing, at the expense of not only Apple’s, but other companies’ market shares as well.

Canaccord Genuity are also expecting Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft to be rather unproductive for the time being. They’re predicting a decrease in the Finn’s market share from 8.6% in the beginning of the year to 5.8% in the end. RIM is also expected to have a rough year – they market share is estimated to drop from 7.6% to 4.7%. HTC and Motorola are probably going to remain at their current positions, while Huawei are predicted to have quite a successful year, while their market share grows from 5.8% to 8.9% thanks to their high-end Android devices. B. A.

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