Rumor: Samsung to buy RIM

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There are more and more rumors about RIM and their current (desperate) position spreading throughout the Web, as the company itself is still thinking about their options to overcome these hard times. According to the rumors, not only they are going to sell their communication devices’ software, but they may even sell their mobile division or the whole company. So far the most likely buyer is Samsung, which may be interested in RIM for a number of reasons, such as the BBMessenger – a great way to set themselves apart from the other Android manufacturers. RIM also have a number of technologies, which may be very valuable for Samsung’s business-phones. According to the rumors, the reason the deal hasn’t been signed yet is the asking price for RIM – reportedly $10 billion, which is over their current market value of $8.5 billion (which according to a number of analysts is also too much). Samsung’s spokesman has declined the rumors. B. A.

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