Rumor: Google may sell Motorola Mobility to Huawei

Motorola Mobility and Huawei
Motorola Mobility and Huawei


About 8 months ago, Google announced, that they want to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. The deal has not yet been finalized, as there is one more approval, which needs to be given – that of China. The main reason for the software giant to want to buy Motorola’s mobile division is their big patent portfolio – with it, protecting Android and the manufacturers, making Android devices from lawsuits over patents (and there have been a lot of those lately) would be a lot easier. The question remains, though, about Motorola’s future after Google acquires the company – will they reform it and make it a serious competitor on the mobile market or will they just get rid of it as soon as possible, keeping only its patents?

According to an interesting rumors, which was also quoted by¬†Wall Street Journal, Google are going to sell the mobile division of Motorola and they have even made an offer to Huawei – something, which was then denied by a Google employee. So is it possible, that Huawei is going to follow Lenovo’s example – the Chinese company bought out IBM’s PC business a few years back and is currently on track of becoming the number one manufacturer in the world. B. A.

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