Rovio’s next game coming in 2 months

Amazing Alex
Amazing Alex


The Finnish company Rovio has made quite a name for itself with their hit-game Angry Birds, which has gotten so popular, it is now available not only for smartphones, but also as a browser-based game and even a stand-alone computer program. As beloved as it may be, though, its age has taken its effect on the game and even moving the action in outer space can’t bring back all of the initial enthusiasm of Angry Birds. The Finns however seem to be aware of that and that’s why they’re preparing to surprise us with a new game.

According to recently leaked information, Rovio has just bough the company, which made Casey’s Contraptions, and that’s actually going to be the next application of theirs. Rovio are currently improving the game and are getting ready to release it with a mass marketing strategy, which is going to make it well-known for a larger audience. According to the head of Rovio, the game, which is going to be called Amazing Alex, is going to have an educational character and will be released in the next couple of months. B. A.

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