Rovio supporting piracy?

Angry Birds
Angry Birds


With all the anti-piracy campaigns and the attempts to stop distribution of anything, which you don’t have rights over (deliberately or not) , it’s a great thing for pirates, to see that even a company, such as Rovio, the publisher of the most popular mobile game worldwide – Angry Birds, supports piracy.

Angry Birds plush toys
Angry Birds toys


At the Midem musical conference, Mikael Hed – CEO of Rovio, announced, that he’s actually glad there are so many unofficial Angry Birds toys and applications, copying the original game, because they’re actually attracting fans to the real thing. According to him, at this point, it’s much more important for the company to build a solid fan-base, than it is to try and limit the “illegal” products on the market. The company’s former CEO also shared the same opinion, so it’s safe to say Rovio aren’t going to decide otherwise soon. B. A.

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