Rovio confirms – Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 and Bada

If you don’t know about Angry Birds (really!?), in short, it’s a little game for mobile phones that in a few months has become one of the best selling mobile games of all time, at the moment it’s available for iOS and Android devices.

As we noted several months ago, Rovio is working on a version of Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 , but that’s not all. As well as the version for the Microsoft OS, the company is working on an original new 3D version compatible with future devices such as LG Optimus 3D. Finally, some good news for owners of Samsung Bada phones on which Angry Birds seem to run pretty well as you can see from the video produced by Bada Indonesia.

Also in March this year will be started the cartoon directed by 20th Century Fox titled Angry Birds Rio, which will precede the game version of the same name.

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