RIM to licence BlackBerry OS 10 to HTC and Samsung?

BlackBerry OS 10
BlackBerry OS 10


The past year hasn’t been kind on RIM as the company’s stocks decreased by 75% and the company itself had multiple problems and delays with their new devices, both smartphones and tablets. Rumors even have it that the company’s co-founders may retire and leave RIM in the hands of Barbara Symiest, who has been a member of the board of directors since 2007. According to some, it’s highly likely that Research In Motion license BlackBerry OS 10 not only to HTC and Samsung, but other manufacturers as well. Even though this would most likely be the end of their hardware division, their software division would keep on working, which might just be enough to save the company. A deal like this would also help develop the platform’s ecosystem a lot faster. However both HTC and Samsung are already making devices with WP and Android and the Korean company even has another mobile platform of its own – bada.

Even though this information is very interesting, it turn out to be false, because as most of you know, RIM’s software team hasn’t exactly been performing great recently – QNX, the platform on which the Playbook and all future RIM mobile devices will be based on has turned out to be quite difficult to work with and it’s also the reason why the tablet was launched without a lot of key-features and updates for some of them have not yet been released. B. A.

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