Refinder app for Windows Phone 7

Launch the app, take a picture of your item, edit its details and save. Next time you wonder where that item is, simply search within the app and it will remind you exactly where you put it. But that’s not all!

With Refinder, you can now take a picture of the item, store information such a description, location and category and then forget it about it. When you need that item, use the built in search to quickly and easily remind yourself where you left it.

Refinder also features the ability to add similar items quickly without having to retype the information. For example, if you’re organising your clothes in the wardrobe, simply enter that information once. Subsequent items will automatically be tagged with ‘Clothes’ and ‘Wardrobe’ as the Category and Location, respectively, so you only need to take pictures of each new item and save.

There are also times when items are lent to friends but forgotten about. Refinder allows you to tag items that are on loan as well as who they are on loan to. The filtered search system allows you to search by Name, Location, Category or Loan status, making it easy to find individual items as well as getting a snapshot of all items in a particular location, or of a particular type.


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