QuickGPS Lite for Windows Mobile

QuickGPS Lite app for Windows Mobile can speed up the time for determining your GPS position by downloading the latest satellite data via an Internet connection (such as GPRS, ActiveSync, ect.).

Features: all-in-one program
No more connection problems
Uses Windows Moblie connection settings (can auto GPRS, ActiveSync ect.)
Choose save location
Program size: ~55KB

6 Different servers to choose from (each server gives a different file)

  • TW (service.mio-tech.com) [Recommended]
  • TW (ephemeris.asus.com.tw)
  • UK (htcusainc.com)
  • UK (service.htceurope.com)
  • CA (xtra1.gpsonextra.net)
  • US (xtra2.gpsonextra.net)

For quickest connection use:

  1. Mod Driver
  2. QuickGPS Lite
  3. GPS Test

It takes around ~10 seconds from cold start to get 9 satellites and have a stable connection.

.NET Compact Framework 3.5


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