Qualcomm with dual core CPU’s by the end of 2010

Qualcomm has introduced several months ago a Snapdragon chipset designed to deliver the best of the best in next-generation smartphones and tablets. The “boards” integrate dual core CPU family named Scorpion, the clock rate can reach the speeds of 1.5 GHz, but there are two news – good and bad.

The good news is that Qualcomm will begin later this year to distribute among it’s clients the first chipset based for the most recent series. It is therefore legitimate to assume that smartphones moved Scorpion dual-core processors hit the market until 2011.

The bad news, then, is unlikely to really take shape recent hypotheses about device performance and unusual coming to the market. This is the case, for example, that the rumors that HTC Sabor drawing as a “bomb” with dual CPUs.

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