Prices of Nokia N9


Nokia N9 is the latest top model phone of Nokia, after years that they have made their smartphones with Symbian, Nokia finally announced MeeGo and maybe it will replace Symbian. Nokia had to choose the right hardware to perform well with MeeGo and they’ve made it. The first mobile phone with that OS is called Nokia N9. It has 3.9 inches AMOLED display with resolution of 854×480 pixels, Cortex A8 processor, PowerVR SGX 530 GPU, 8-megapixels camera, compass, Bluetooth, Wi-fi and etc. Besides the good characteristics, users of that phone don’t have to worry about the memory for their apps, games and music, because the model is available with 16 and 64GB HDD. Also, we learned the alleged prices of these models – first will cost 660 US dollars and the second 749.

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