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PressReader is an invaluable tool that enables users to access the latest international and domestic news not on the traditional paper format but electronically! Cutting edge features such as SmartFlow provides readers with an engaging way to read newspapers while they’re at home or on the go!

PressReader currently provides readers with access to an always growing list of 2,100+ full-content newspapers from 95 countries in 54 different languages. And as you already know by full-content, I mean it provides every article, editorial, advertisement, classified, comic strip, etc. exactly as you would find it in print – only on the convenience of your favorite tablet or smartphone.


PressReader is available for Android, iPad/iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices!

Not only is it all about choice, quality content and convenience, PressReader has a bunch of useful interactive features such as:

  • An innovative and engaging horizontal reading stream dubbed SmartFlow (iPad only)
  • Flipping pages just as you would in print
  • Panning and zooming to get a better look
  • On-demand audio
  • Article sharing via e-mail, Facebook & Twitter
  • Automatic delivery of new issues

You can get a quick sense of what PressReader is all about by visiting

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