Pointui Phone – next gen dialer for Windows Mobile

The developers of the popular user interface, Pointui, have stepped out of the box with their latest creation, Pointui Phone. It’s essentially a dialer with access to contacts (calls & texts) and a call log. What’s cool about the interface is that you can pan around and pin favorite contacts anywhere. It also has some swift animations when you press shortcut buttons that lead to different outlets of the UI.

The theme design of Pointui Phone is a bit strange as it looks like something that came out of an old Nintendo game. It has a uniqueness about itself that seems to be drawing people’s interest; they either love it or hate it. The Zun3 theme is in the video above and the classic blue theme is shown in the pics below. At first, I found myself confused and horrified, but then I couldn’t look away. I’m not sure if I’m ready for such an unusual dialer, but the concept has a lot of promise. What other dialer lets you access its features on a single panel? Download link and another video after the break.

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