PlayStation emulator for Windows Mobile updated

The latest version has been completely rewritten for better performance and features a new interface. It also supports a greater portion of games than its predecessor. Something that stands out is the addition of a touchscreen analog stick, which instantly improves gameplay for many games that require diagonal movements. I’m certainly digging the onscreen controls, but there also seems to be support for Bluetooth gamepads.

FPSEce v0.10 – Dec. 23, 2009 (via developer’s site):

• Completely rewritten core and interface!
• Faster!
• Supports many new games
• Supports g-sensor on Toshiba TG01, more to come
• Touchscreen analogstick emulation
• New on-screen multi-touch button-assignment
• Supports some bluetooth-gamepads (i.e. BGP 100)
• And more…

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