Pantech Matrix Pro review

One of several new Windows Mobile phones announced at the Mobile World Congress was the Pantech Matrix Pro. The successor to the Pantech Duo has recently hit the shelves of your local AT&T Store, and Pantech sent us a test unit to put through the ringer. While the Matrix continues the tradition of dual sliders (bottom and side) of the Duo, AT&T customers are collectively holding their breath in hopes that the Matrix improves upon it’s predecessor’s shortcomings. We found the Duo an inexpensive, nice Windows Mobile Standard device that struggled to get the little things right. Follow the break to see how well Pantech has improved things with the Matrix Pro.

The Pantech Matrix Pro runs Windows Mobile Standard 6.1, as opposed to Windows Mobile Professional. For those not familiar, I compare Standard to an automatic transmission while Professional is more like a manual transmission. Windows Mobile Standard manages programs and memory in the background, giving Standard a little more zip.

As an AT&T-branded phone, the Pantech Matrix Pro has its fair share of bloatware, including AT&T Music, Media Mall, etc. The Matrix is loaded with Office Mobile and a large assortment of games including Ms. Pac-Man, Midnight Pool and Guitar Hero Mobile.

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