Panasonic to start manufacturing their phones out of Japan

Panasonic Eluga waterproof smartphone
Panasonic Eluga


The first phones, with which Panasonic is aiming to come back on the European market, are being manufactured in Malaysia and it seems this is part of the company’s strategy for the recent future. According to a Japanese business newspaper, Panasonic are going to move the manufacturing of all of the mobile phones out of Japan as part of their plan to expand on new markets.

Currently, the company makes about half their phones in Japan, but if they follow these plans, they’re going to become the first company to manufacture all their phones in foreign countries. Panasonic have sold 5 million devices for 2011, which puts them in third place in Japan – after Sharp and Fujitsu. According to the current rumors, the company is going to move their manufacturing process to China and Malaysia. Their plans are to be selling over 15 million phones by 2015/2016 with about 9 million of them sold on foreign markets. B. A.

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