Official Windows Mobile 6.5 fact sheet


Today screen with at-a-glance updates


Lock screen with actionable message notifications


Honeycomb Start screen

for easy application access


Internet Explorer Mobile with Flash Lite


My Phone backs up music, photos, documents and more — automatically.

Designed for enjoyable mobile experiences and optimized for finger-friendly touch-screen phones, Windows Mobile 6.5 brings a number of new features and enhancements.

New User Interface Takes You to Your Information, Fast

The new Windows Mobile 6.5 Today screen offers style, simplicity and better response to touch. Customizable widgets on the new Start screen can display the updates you need quickly from your favorite Web services, as well as give you efficient access to personal and work e-mail, phone messages, and instant messaging.

Windows Mobile 6.5 introduces a new Lock screen so you can now respond to interactive user interface elements with a simple PIN, even if the device is locked. Notifications —such as those for missed calls, voice mail, e-mail, text and calendar items — are more intuitive and actionable on the Lock screen. Quickly select if you want to check your voicemail, read your e-mail or text message first.

Hitting the Windows flag now takes you to the new Start screen, characterized by a honeycomb interface designed for use with your fingers to accurately select the application, folder, game or setting quickly and easily.

Touch capabilities are expanded in Windows Mobile 6.51 to include gestures, which improve your navigation and overall input experience. You can tap, tap and hold, pan, and flick to navigate on your Windows® phone. To provide feedback, each gesture has an associated set of animations to help you get to where you are going on the phone.

New Browser Shows the Real Web With Flash

Windows Mobile 6.5 phones include a powerful new Internet Explorer Mobile browser that presents desktop-quality rendering and Adobe Flash Lite2 to view the real Web. The browser allows you to search in the address bar of the browser and now has auto-complete suggestions, helping to make it quicker to get to the sites you are looking for.

New Services Keep You Connected to What Is Important

Windows Mobile 6.5 also includes My Phone, Microsoft Corp.’s new service that allows you to sync and back up critical information (e.g., contacts, calendar appointments, tasks, text messages, photos and video) on your Windows® phone with a password-protected Web site. Leave your phone in a cab? My Phone will allow you to restore those important contacts and other items when you sync your new Windows® phone. Through your Windows Live ID, My Phone provides an easy-to-use Web portal where you can access and manage content on the phone or PC, and share that information with others.

Windows Mobile 6.5 has new support for Windows Live services, such as Live Search, and built-in Windows Live Messenger for instant messaging.

Windows Mobile 6.5 will also include Windows Marketplace for Mobile, giving you the ultimate ability to customize your phone with games, as well as applications for business or pleasure.

1 New touch-related features are available only on Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional (touch-screen) phones.

2 Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 is available to Windows Mobile phone manufacturers as an optional component. Availability on Windows Mobile phones may vary.

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