Nokia to only release one more Symbian device?

Symbian OS for Nokia phones
Symbian OS


When they announced they’re going to use Windows Phone as their main mobile OS about one year ago, Nokia also stated, that they’re planning to sell 150 million more Symbian devices before “retiring” the platform. After they published their financial results for Q4 of 2011, they announced, that this goal may be unreachable, because of the decreasing sales of Symbian devices and the strong competition with cheaper Android phones, but the Finns assured us, that the platform would still be supported until 2016 – in just a matter of days, we’re expecting the Symbian Belle update to be released and the next one – Carla, is also on the way.

Nokia N8 the best smartphone
Nokia N8


Meanwhile, rumors have it, that Nokia have abandoned work on all future Symbian phones, but one – the successor of the N8 – Nokia’s legendary smartphone, which still has one of the best cameras ever fitted on a phone. It’s still unknown what kind of technical specifications the device is going to feature, but we can’t wait to find out. B. A.

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