Nokia and Microsoft announce partnership

Like a bolt from the blue, from London came the news that many users were expecting – Nokia has officially partnered with Microsoft.

Nokia will use Windows Phone 7 OS as its main platform for smartphones, will unify Ovi Store with Windows Marketplace and will place the services of Bing in its phones. It is all in addition to the admission of guilt for not being able to keep up, fresh and young Stephen Elop Chief Executive Officer of Nokia, took office only last September, confirmed that Nokia will collaborate actively in the development of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, relegating to Symbian a platform for mid-range devices (still, if we could, to distribute it to other manufacturers) and opening MeeGo Open Source. Nokia Maps also will be integrated into the Microsoft system, from the mapping of Bing (remember that Nokia has NAVTEQ), and all other services like MS Office.

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