No memory cards on Windows Phone 7 Series

We found out from Todd Brix of Microsoft that Windows Phone 7 Series will eschew user-replaceable memory. Memory cards may still be used by manufacturers and OEMs, but those won’t be easily or readily accessible to the end-user. This will allow, as Microsoft puts it, for a better user experience on the device, and we’re not sure that the primary motive for locking down storage memory is for a better experience – we’re guessing it has to do with DRM though the strategy would go well with Microsoft’s move to remove a file management system.

Close competitor Apple and Palm have both eschewed removable storage for built-in storage of varying capacities between 8 GB to 32 GB on current generation phone models, but that decision was met with upset users who may want to augment the storage capacity on their devices or swap memory cards. With the case of Apple, the iPhone’s lack of removable memory is probably due to the fact that the company doesn’t want users to access the file structure.

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