New WiFi technology increases phones battery life


WiFi is a very popular wireless technology nowadays, you can find it in almost all smartphones on the market. We all use it from time to time as it is very handy, but sadly it also drains our phone’s battery quickly. The reason it does that is that when there are a few devices connected to the same source, all of them have to download bits of the information they need one by one, and when your device isn’t downloading it has to stay awake waiting for its turn – causing the battery to drain fast. But a graduate student at┬áDuke’s Pratt School of Engineering named Justin Manweiler has developed a battery-saving technology called SleepWell. The way it works is the devices download all of the information they need at once, and while they’re doing that the other devices connected to the source are in a stand-by mode, waiting for their turn and saving energy. So far, the test results are all positive so we can expect seeing this technology quite soon.

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