New Palm Treo Pro to be made by HTC

Looks like Palm’s regular manufacturer, Inventec, is taking a backseat to HTC for the upcoming Treo Pro. Looking at the new images of the Treo Pro, there are now touch surfaces where the soft-keys used to be for the home, calendar, messaging, etc. How appropriate since HTC is so “pro” when it comes to making touch screen devices. We’re pretty big fans of HTC, so this is a great route for Palm to take – especially since the Treo Pro looks like the beginning of a new style and series of devices for the company. Palm’s new device already looked ok, but it’s reassuring knowing that a solid manufacturer with experience in touch screens and beautiful devices is going to be putting this one out. It sheds some new light on our question about this new phone’s build quality. Also, the Palm Treo Pro offers up HTC’s task manager program, so that should have been a dead giveaway concerning the manufacturer.

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