New leaked HTC Windows Mobile 6.5 phones for 2010 – Tera, Trophy, Photon

XDA has just leaked some new HTC device for 2010, which seems to include five Android devices and three for Windows Mobile . Why only three for Windows Mobile? With the release of WM 7 expected later this year, HTC is without a doubt working on devices to run the new operating system. Since Microsoft hasn’t officially announced 7, HTC can’t talk about the devices they’re creating to run on the new OS. We expect to see more devices later in 2010 that run on Windows Mobile 7.

Without further adieu, here are the hot new Windows phones for 2010, as quoted from B3ler3fonte from XDA:


A WM 6.5 device, coded named as “Trophy”, will offer the opportunity of a touch phone with QWERTY keypad, 3.0″ VGA screen, 5MP Camera, huge battery capacity, 1400mAh and nice design.

Our commentary: This device will be freekin’ awesome. Imagine an HTC HD2 but with a full keyboard and a small screen. They’ve combined the incredible keyboard of the HTC Snap with the capacitive touchscreen of the HD2.


When i first took a closer look to “Photon” (without looking to its specs) i was shocked by its design and immediately thought that comparing to “Bravo” that will be HTC flagship device of 2010, as its almost the same with Leo with slight differences. Its a WM 6.5 device, 3.2″ HVGA screen, 256RAM, 5MP campera and equipped with Snapdragon MSM7227 600Hz CPU . As with “Bravo” it is expected to arrive on April 2010.

Our commentary: This is an odd device, especially with the HVGA resolution (that’s 480×320). It looks to be an upgrade to the HTC Touch line up of devices.


Last representative of the Productivity HTC category, we meet, the coded named device, “Tera”. It looks so alike to HTC Touch Pro2, thats it hard to find any differences. Slided-up full QWERTY keypad, loaded with WM 6.5 OS, 3.2MP Cam, 256RAM and 1300mAh, its a device which i don’t know if it has to show up something new, but will certainly be a medium consuming device.

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