New HTC HD2 WM6.5.5 build 23138 custom ROM

This Leo ROM series is specially made for Euro HTC HD2 devices. Incase, you have a TMobile US Version of HD2, kindly move on to this thread.

This ROM series will be coming in two different branches.
1. Touch friendly series- COM5(235xx), COM3(23xxx) , SE branch (250xx),etc — The builds with Touch/Finger friendly UI and threaded E-mails.

2. Non Touch friendly COM2 (21xxx) — The build with same UI which came with stock ROM when you buy your device.


The main branch of ROM development will be based on Touch friendly builds and a variety of flavors will be available for the same. Only premium version will be available in COM2 (21xxx) for now.

Available versions and download links:

1. Kumar’s Leo Touch Premium>>> Latest Available >> V2.7 >> Updated on 21st September 2010

2. Kumar’s Leo Touch Classic>>> Latest Available >> V2.4.1 >> Updated on 8th July 2010

3. Kumar’s Leo Touch Lite >>> Latest Available >>

4. Kumar’s Leo Touch GTX >>> Latest Available >> V1.2 >> Updated on 11th July 2010

5. Kumar’s Leo C2 Premium>>> Latest Available >>

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