New Biotech Job Board Debuts

In 2011 the technology jobs market rebounded in a big way. Lately high-tech companies are on a hiring sree for US based IT workers and this trend appears to be accelerating. The most exciting part is that more and more contract biotech jobs are becoming full-time positions. There is very strong demand for skilled IT workers, although many jobs such as those in technical support and systems administration still remain under threat from overseas competition. As far as hottest tech verticals, demand is way up for cloud computing experts and game developers. Technology recruiting firms are also seeing huge demand for network admins, Information Technology security managers and systems engineers. enters the market with aim to become the leading biotech jobs resource and BioLexis is already experiencing rapid growth with a sharp climb in month over month traffic, user base and search position. If this trend continues they will reach their goal by the end of this year.

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