Neowin – Windows Mobile 6.5, Skyline, Skybox and Skymarket

Neowin, quoting unnamed sources close to Microsoft, is claiming Mobile World Congress (February 16-19th), will not only be bringing Windows Mobile 6.5, but also a slew of Microsoft services rumoured previously to the Windows Mobile platform.

“SkyBox” is a service for users to sync a phones information with the web. Microsoft will be offering automatic backup and restore services, access and management of phone data and provide easy communication and sharing with others. The service will also allow syncing of contacts, email/SMS, calendar items and pictures into the cloud. Neowin adds a new detail, not rumoured previously, that this service will be available not only on Windows Mobile, but also for other phone OS’s.

“SkyLine” will be aimed at small businesses. Offering similar functionality to SkyBox, businesses will be able to setup their phones with Microsoft’s Exchange hosting with their own domain names.

“SkyMarket” is Microsoft’s mobile marketplace, a competitor to Apple’s AppStore and RIM’s Blackberry application center.

Neowin also claims that their sources confirm the leaked screenshots from earlier this year are in fact real, despite being panned for having icons stolen from the Apple OSX desktop, and that they represent design concepts.

Looks like we do have quite a bit to look forward to in a months time after all.

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