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Some fresh news from the German ZDNet video presentation where guest Greg Sullivan – Senior Product Manager for Windows Phone takes on a short journey with his Samsung Taylor Windows Phone 7 device.

Some of the interesting bits that we didn’t quite see before include a demonstration of HTML e-mail (1:58) and we see that Outlook is capable of delivering the rich e-mail experience of HTML e-mail from any Exchange, POP or IMAP source. As far as calendars are concerned, Windows Phone 7 will handle multiple Calendars (2:19) with Exchange, GMail, Windows Live and it will distinguish between them by using different (customizable we add) colors so the user will know, at a glance, where that certain appointment is coming from.

Talking about the Pictures experience on Windows Phone 7, if you launch a Portrait slideshow or full screen view of your Pictures, besides flick scrolling them, you will have a cool feature of displaying them in a filmstrip (3:23), activated by a Pinch and Stretch gesture so you can easily find and select the one you are looking for. We also see a demonstration of the Camera application activated by the dedicated Camera button which will bring up the viewfinder (3:35). After taking the picture, you can easily switch back and forth between the picture and the viewfinder which is a great feature because you really don’t want to miss that certain moment and ruin it with a badly taken picture.

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